So, blogging…

Might as well get things started and do my first post. If you’ve not read my ‘about’ page then hello, I’m Jessica. To cut it short I’m twenty-one-years-old, a 3rd year design student at Northumbria Uni, I live in Newcastle, I’m originally from Worksop, and this week I’m moving to Hong Kong to do a placement abroad for 6 months… If you already know me then you will probably already know all that!

That’s me…

I’ll jump straight to it and admit that I’ve never blogged or thought I had anything going on in my life that would be worth blogging about (as everyone says).

I’m one of those people that loves the idea of keeping a diary, jotting down the days events on the train home and writing pages on how I’m feeling etc… And I’m not going to lie, I’ve bought dozens of dairies and journals in the past, mostly pretty decorative ones that were over priced, but I justify the price tag and use it as motivation to actually use it and get my moneys worth, then… The same thing happens every time. The diary fad lasts a few weeks and just like the rest, the new pricey Paperchase purchase ends up in the drawer. I’m hoping this blog may last a little longer than the diary attempts.

Although my life hasn’t been all that exciting so far, I’d like to think I have a pretty good 6 months ahead of me. I study Design for Industry at Northumbria University and my degree is 4 years long and consists of two placements, one in second year and one in third year. Last summer I did an internship at a company in York called JollySmith and this Friday I’ll be moving to Hong Kong until September to do my final placement for a company called Innermost.

The people that know me well will know how much I’ve wanted to travel/live in Asia since I first went to Singapore and Malaysia with my family over 10 years ago. I fell in love with Singapore and I loved the culture and lifestyle so much that I’ve dreamed of visiting more places in Asia ever since.

I’m looking forward to putting my independence to the test and finding my feet on my own in such a wonderful place that I’m going to be lucky enough to call home. I am confident the next six months are going to be unforgettable but I’d like to use this blog as a place for me to write down how I’m feeling if I need to, post pictures and write about a particular day that I’ve had. It will help family see what I’m getting up to and also be a nice way for me to look back at the memories I make.


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