My First Hike

Kowloon Peak

Location: Kowloon Peak (through Nan Lian Garden) (Fei Ngo Shan – 飛鵝山)
Duration: 5.5 Kilometers, 2.5 hours
Elevation Gain: 575m


So today (despite getting in from a night out in LFK at 4:30am) I completed my first hike. I won’t lie and say it was a doddle as it was far from that. I’ve never done a hike before and there were times when my legs felt like there were going to drop off. I even developed tremors in my legs as we reached the top, and when I stood still my legs would shake on their own. I put this down to a bit of everything: lack of fitness, a biscuit for breakfast and the dehydration caused from the night before.

I’d like to think that the more hikes I do over the next few months, the better I’m going to get and the easier I’ll find it. It would be interesting to give this ago again just before I go home in September to see the difference. Saying that though the summer weather is well on its way, and if today was a little taste of whats to come… I think BBQs, junk boat trips and a lot eating and drinking in general over the next few months could influence my fitness getting any better.

Here are some pics from today and despite what it looks like… No pictures were staged in in the process of getting these shots.. (Except my Lion King impression haha).


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