Lion Rock



Height: 495m
Duration: About 4 hours total. 1 hour from Wong Tai Sin MTR to trail head (#1). 1 hour from trail head to bottom of Lion Head stairs (#2). 1 hour to Reunification pavilion (#4). One hour back to Wong Tai Sin.
Difficulty: 7/10. Beginner hikers may find it tiring as there are quite steep climbs.
Appreciation: 8/10. City views are really nice.
Transportation: Get to Won Tai Sin MTR station, Exit B3. Really easy.

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Saturday 8th April 2017
2nd Hike, DONE ✓

Does a hike even qualify in HK without a pic of yourself admiring the view? 📷

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So this Saturday I did my second hike, Lion Rock!

It took us about three hours to get up to the top and back down again, and although my legs still ached like hell from the week before, I’d like to think I’m getting a little better at this (when I’m not having mini breakdowns every time there are stairs to climb).

I enjoyed this hike much more than the first one for a number of reasons… Personally, I thought the views were even more amazing than the views from the top of Kowloon Peak and the trek was a lot more ‘national park-like’ and to top it off we also we saw a guy slack lining, and WILD MONKEYS!

I think the weather had an influence on me enjoying this hike a lot more too, as it wasn’t as sunny, so I could get a good look at Hong Kong without being blinded by the sun.

 Again I took a lot of photos, but unlike last week, yes some of these images were staged.. Because like I said above on my Instagram… Does a hike even qualify in HK without a pic of yourself admiring the view?

With the Easter bank holiday coming up this weekend, hopefully I will be getting out and about and possibly ticking off another hike. It is starting to get really warm now (it was 26ºc at 8:30am this morning!!!) so I need to get the hikes done before the weather makes it impossible!


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