Rhino Rock

Rhino rock in Stanley (斜炮頂), Turtle rock, and St.Stephen beach

Duration: 1 hour (2 km)
– However it took us over 2 hours because we stopped to have photographs on the rock.
Difficulty: 7/10. Slippery slopes (I can confirm this as we all slipped over on the hike)

Appreciation: 8/10. Nice views. A rock rhino head!
Transportation: Take bus 14 from Sai Wan Ho MTR station, Exit A (stop is right at the exit). Get off at the end stop, Stanley Fort. Return by either walking to Stanley and then taking whichever bus you want, or again, taking bus 14 back to Sai Wan Ho.

Saturday 15th April


Another hike ticked off! This time thankfully it wasn’t a tiring hike. The difficulty of this hike is purely down to the steep terrains which can be very slippery and rocky (we all slipped over at least once). I did this hike with my flat mate Sari, her friend Leslie and John who I’ve previously done the other hikes with.

There are a lot of steps to begin with but once you get to the top, you don’t go much higher so the hard bit is over and done with. I’d recommend wearing shoes with good grip as you are constantly relying on the sole of your shoes to support you when going up and down the sandy paths.

Like most of the hikes here in HK, there are coloured ribbons tied onto trees and bushes throughout the hike, so if you keep looking out for them, you shouldn’t get lost or go the wrong way.

The main attraction…


Once you get to rhino rock you’ll see exactly why it’s called that. There were quite a few others there when we arrived as most people wanted to climb onto the rock for photographs.

It’s difficult to get onto the rock. Most people (and John and Sari) used a rope and a tree to climb up and jump onto the back of the rock and walk over the top. Me and Leslie however got a ‘leg up’ on the side of the rock and walked along the edge and up onto the head of the rhino. I wouldn’t say there is an ‘easy’ way to get up onto it, but i guess for the photo it can be worth it.

I’d say only attempt it if you’re confident to do it as you have to be concentrating a lot. The pics don’t make it look like there is a big drop but there is, and most of the terrain underneath is made up of sharp rocks on a steep cliff-like edge.

I was the only one not to cut or injure myself during the rhino rock climb (no idea how). It was clear people often cut and scratch themselves when climbing the rock as if you look closely you can see droplets of blood stains on some of the rocks haha.

John also dislocated his toe and it popped out of the socket whilst he was trying to help me get down, so yeah you could say it was an eventful hike (but overall fun and worth it!).

Leslie and John were brave enough to go all the way to the end and sit on what looks like the rhino’s horn. Me and Sari however didn’t feel that brave. I’m not that scared of heights, I just didn’t trust myself or my old worn out trainers to keep me on the rock.

We started the hike about 4pm, so quite late in the day. However because it isn’t a long trek, we still managed to complete the hike and make it down to the beach with a beer in time for the sunset.  It was a cloudy/foggy day so the sunset wasn’t that clear. It was still lovely though as Stanley beach has lots of big rocks that you can sit on and chill beside the sea, so that’s what we did.

It was a great day and I’d recommend this hike for a less challenging hike in terms of phyical fitness and ability. I would just empashise on being extra careful on the sandy slopes and becasue it isn’t a long hike, there really isn’t any reason to rush.


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