A Perfect Day for the Peak.

Sunday 30th April

FINALLY on Sunday I visited Victoria Peak! It was the countless photographs which I had found online, taken from the top of the peak, that helped me to form an idea of what Hong Kong was like before I moved out here; a vast skyscraper-studded skyline framed by vivid greenery which exhibits perfectly the endless battle and contrast between nature and industry in Hong Kong.

We cheated a little and used the MTR to get to Central and then used the escalator as far as we could up towards the Peak, before joining the steep road which would lead us the rest of the way.


I’ve been told by many people that the tram up to the Peak is a bit of a nightmare. If you don’t mind queuing, or paying HK$90 (near enough £10) for an Adult Return Ticket, or you don’t think you could handle the ‘mini hike’ up to the top in the heat, then the tram might seem the best option for you. For us though, the walk was more appealing (as all we had done the day before was shop and eat) and made the end result of finally seeing the view that little bit more satisfying!

We had set off at 4:30pm and got to the top for around 5:45pm. Setting off later in the day was a good idea as it was cooler (still very warm though, hence my red face!) and it meant we would be able to see the peak around dusk and once it gets dark too!

We had hoped to go onto the free public viewing balcony to take pictures and get possibly a better view, but unfortunalty it was closed for renovation! There is another viewing platform at the Peak, however it wasn’t free, so we didn’t fancy paying.

It was, as expected, very busy once we got the top. There are two indoor ‘mall’ type centres (again as expected because you’re never far from a mall in Hong Kong) and inside they have lots of shops and places to grab some food or a drink.

Despite me moaning and joking about how ‘you can’t go to any tourist attraction without there being a Mcdonald’s‘, we rewarded ourselves for the walk up with an iced latte and a slice of cookies & cream cheesecake from the McCafe counter. We sat outside the Mcdonald’s on a balcony, and enjoyed the view from the other side of the Peak that overlooks the sea.

Afterwards we headed back to the viewing area that overlooked HK island and now, as it was dark, we got to see the breathtaking views of the city which was now an impressive display of glowing streets and brightly illuminated buildings.

I hadn’t yet seen the light show that occurs every evening at 8pm from TST, but whilst at the Peak I got a glimpse of it in the distance. Although it’s wasn’t anything spectacular, it was a subtle reminder that I’m living in this densely populated urban centre, and although from the Peak it looks even smaller than what it is, HK has so much to offer and there is still so much that I have to discover and experience here.


We couldn’t have picked a better day/evening to visit the Peak. Luckily the famous ‘Hong Kong Haze‘ didn’t get in the way of the amazing views! A lot of people I’ve spoken to have had visits to the Peak when they haven’t been able to see that far because of the fog.

We made our way back down to Central, the same way that we made our way up, and I can say it was a lot quicker and easier than the ascend! We may have seen a few sneaky cockroaches and creepy looking caterpillars on the way down, but overall it was a very peaceful and calming end to the adventure.



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