QC Factory Visit
Liling, China.
July 10th – 11th 2017


Last week I joined Emma, my friend and colleague, on a 24hr visit to Liling, China. We travelled to a ceramics factory in Liling to QC some of Emma’s wonderful products that are being produced there.

Emma’s brand, MAID IN CHINA, oozes with fun, clever and beautiful designs ranging from luxury fine bone china mugs, to crafty, customisable pieces. Like the name, wordplay and surprising expectations appear throughout her range of products.

This particular visit was to check Emma’s recent collection of Circus Stack Mugs, a set of 4 fine bone china mugs that can stack in any order to make a tower of circus performers.

It was great to be shown around the factory, which produces large quantities and many types of ceramic mugs. I loved seeing firsthand the range of manufacturing techniques and processes that are used when making ceramic products.


I met some amazing people that work at the factory, who were so kind and generous during our overnight stay in Liling. We stayed overnight at the Liling Ceramic Valley Hotel, which was amazing! The complex was designed to resemble the ceramic vessels/vases that Liling is famously known for. We arrived at the hotel just in time to see the stunning sun set and watch as the buildings, once it got dark, put on a great show of light and colour.


Our hotel room was beautifully furnished and we were lucky enough to be blessed with dressing gowns, slippers, and a BATH! A bath is rare to find in HK, and as it had been 4 months since I last saw a bath, let alone was able to have one, you can only imagine how ecstatic I was.

The hot bubble bath was long overdue, especially after a 7 hour long MTR, train and car journey from HK to Liling, a sweaty day in the factory, and probably too much food and alcohol for a Monday.

If I had one thing on my bucket list that I was dying to tick off whilst I was this part of the world, it was a factory visit in China. Thanks to my internship, and the wonderful people I’ve met, I’ve been fortunate to not only visit one but TWO factories. I also visited a factory with another colleague a few weeks previous to this trip with Em. I’m so grateful Em let me tag along on this trip as well, which really was another great and valuable experience I will never forget!

As it seems to be a little obsession of mine lately, surprise surprise, I made a video of our trip. It helps put into perspective how many things we squeezed into 24hrs and I don’t just mean the considerable amounts of Chinese food, tea and alcohol…



One thought on “MAID IN CHINA

  1. Cameron ellis says:

    That’s a lovely little film jess, really enjoyed it and the soundtrack is brill. Happy to see you smiling so much and learning through working . Time goes so fast and as I said in April that before you know it you will be back home. Onwards and upwards xxxxxx love dad.


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